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Seviroli Foods Lasagna Pasta Sheet, 10 Pound.

Seviroli Foods Lasagna Pasta Sheet, 10 Pound.


Seviroli Foods Lasagna Pasta Sheets Lasagna Sheets Pre-cooked pasta sheets made with semolina wheat flour Contains eggs and wheat May contain traces of milk 0 g trans fat 11 g protein per serving 10 lb. (4.54 kg) each The Seviroli Foods Lasagna Pasta Sheets are made using semolina wheat flour and whole eggs. Ready to bake, these pre-cooked lasagna sheets require no boiling and save on prep and labor time. These flat sheets can be used to make lasagna with Caprese salads, steamed artichokes, and Parmesan garlic knots. With a 10 pound pack of Seviroli Foods lasagna pasta sheets, this bulk case will be a great choice for restaurants or cafes serving Italian food. Preparation instruction: Defrost before using, place in trays, add sauce and cheese. Seviroli Pasta Sheet

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Manufacturer:Seviroli Foods Inc
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