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European Bakers Top Sliced New England Frank Bun, 6 inch -- 96 per case.

European Bakers Top Sliced New England Frank Bun, 6 inch -- 96 per case.


European Bakers Top Sliced Bun Sliced Bun Thaw-and-serve hot dog bun Fortified with vitamins and minerals for added nutrition 0 g trans fat 0 mg cholesterol Contains soy and wheat Frozen shelf life: 270 days Keep frozen for later use 6 in. (15.24 cm) each 8 buns per pack 10.50 lb. (4.76 kg) total weight 12 packs per case Light and airy, the European Bakers New England Frank Bun will complement all types of meat, veggie, and cheese filling. It is made with quality ingredients for optimum nutrition and flavor. This top-sliced bun saves time and effort during multiple orders. The European Bakers bulk fully baked bun pack is ideal for concession stands, convenience stores, and food trucks. NEW ENGLAND FRANK BUN, 6 NEW ENGLAND FRANK BUN, 6 Preparation instruction: Fully baked and ready to serve. Or for special entrees brush side with butter and grill before serving.

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Manufacturer:Flowers Foods Specialty Group
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